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Advertise on Industry Portals is an online, industry focused site promoting the metal working, industrial machines, industrial parts & spares industry of South Africa.

what we offer

  • company directory
  • individual company listings and banner advertisement
  • current industry news
  • well ranked on search engines
  • inter-linked with 3 sister industry portals
  • mobile friendly, tablet friendly and desktop friendly site

digital marketing

Online marketing, digital advertising or e-communications, whatever your choice of words - web and email advertising is now a major part in any organisation’s marketing campaign.

advertising options

  • Company Listing & Premium Banner Listing
  • Banner Adverts

news & newsletter

News articles are added to the Engineeringportal homepage, industry news page and linked across all Industry Portals. Customer news articles are linked to a Company Listing. Companies may use our news service as their main advertising option. Customer and paid for news articles are automatically added to the monthly newsletter – for Plastixportal at this point.





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